About Us


Our Mission

 Our mission is simple: provide the highest quality rehabilitation services possible while participating in outreach programs for our community. 

We are set apart and we will show you by our actions and our treatments.


How We're Different

The effectiveness of manual therapy (Myofascial Release(MFR)/Self- Myofascial Release(SMFR) and joint mobilizations) is part of our successful treatment approach. 

These interventions and skill allows us to be set apart from many and in most cases all local physical therapy treatments. 


Our Expectation

Our expectation is that JMC MOBILITY of Tallahassee’s customers will see us as a refreshing change to the accustomed physical therapy clinic.  We witness profound, life changing improvements in posture and mobility daily.

Our bodies are amazing and incredibly robust. Sometime after performing a task poorly over and over again, our bodies get stuck and glued down. We'll try to fix our functional issue but with limited success cause the issue comes back with poor position. JMC MOBILITY of Tallahassee provides practical ways to reduce dysfunction and help with prevention of injury. Everyone can benefit from restoration of life and continue to improve functional mobility. 

Balance and the human body working in a fully functional and appropriate posture and position causes us to operate without dysfunction or discomfort. 

JMC MOBILITY of Tallahassee will only enhance existing medical, dental and restorative guidance to healthcare.